Matthew 6:11 ESV “Give us this day our daily bread,”

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The Lord Jesus teaches his disciples to ask the Father to give them that day their daily bread. Isn’t about their daily need? What is their daily need? They are with the Saviour of the world and they request Him to teach themhow to pray. Jesus in turn directs them to look at the Father God in prayer.

Agur, son of Jakeh as a true seeker of the Lord prays saying, “Remove far from me falsehood and lying; give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the food that is needful for me, …” (Proverbs 30:8 ESV). It is evident that we need to find our strong sufficiency in God. Nothing should influence us in the world and nothing should make us feel either overwhelmed or over fed. Overwhelming leads to deny our faithfulness to Christ in times of trouble and too much of possession makes us feel certain about our worldly desires that cripple our God given consciousness. And the ultimate goal of Satan is to separate us from the presence of God forever. So our Lord Jesus Christ clearly guides us to ask the Father about our today’s need for physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. He encourages us to live this day with Him to the fullest.

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